10 Entryway Ideas that Will Make a Stunning First Impression

10 Entryway Ideas that Will Make a Stunning First Impression

Whether you want to make a bold statement or a subdued, minimalist look, your entryway will set the tone of your home’s design. Get inspired with these beautiful photos and find out which one suits your taste.


Contrasting Materials

The combination of different elements make this entryway relaxed and inviting. The flowers added a dash of elegance while the geometric-pattern rug adds an unexpected modern twist and a pop of color.


Storage Smarts

Smart storage solutions make this entryway clutter-free. You can hang jackets, umbrellas, and scarves, and store different items in the baskets. It can also act as a bench where people can seat while they remove their shoes. The bins also offer a space for other things.



Mirror, Mirror

Putting mirrors in the entryway to reflect light is one of the easiest ways to make it feel more open. If you want something eye-catching but easy to arrange, choose a large mirror and just simply add a small wooden bench and a plant.



Hello, Spring

Make everyone feel welcome with a combination of vintage pieces and natural elements. Some wicker baskets and a pretty enamel pitcher instantly lighten up the shelf area. The wood tones also make it look warm.



Go Bold

A long area rug adds interest to this entryway. It’s complemented with artworks and a small table that looks easy on the eyes. The plants also added a bit of color against the all-white walls. Choose a bold print to make an entrance.


Element of Surprise

Add something unique to the décor like an accent piece mixed with interesting design elements. This one works perfectly with its modern and chic vibe.



Bold Patterns

Pick one that sums up the overall look of your place. A wallpaper accent wall is definitely a stylish way to give a refreshing welcome to your guests. Make sure that it matches the theme and the colors still work with the adjacent room.


Interesting Light Fixtures

Pendant lights or chandeliers are perfect when you have a high ceiling. If the ceiling height is an issue, look for unique desk lamps that you can put on top of a cabinet or table.



Personal Touch

Hang framed quotes and memorable family photos to make your entryway more personal. There’s no better way to make your guests feel at home when you greet them with photos that tell beautiful stories.


Keep it Chic and Simple

Try to recycle old furniture by giving it a new paint. It’s not only a budget-friendly solution to revamp your entryway but the result is really amazing. Style it up with some artworks, lamps, and a touch of greenery to complete the look.

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