Top 6 Ways to Create Dark and Moody Interiors

There are people who love the idea of an all-white interior with bright and cheery vibe, but there are also those who like it stylishly dark and cozy. If you’re more drawn to the latter, then it means that you like its dramatic and confident appeal. Here are some ways on how you can achieve the look!


Embrace Dark Tones

Intense and sultry colors such as black and gray will instantly add moodiness to your home. These hues attract the eye and provide an extreme contrast with lighter colors, which results for a dramatic interior. It can be applied in different ways such as through black and white photography, furniture, wall, or even through textiles. Remember that rooms e in sunlight require different colors as with rooms with no access to natural light. You can also try navy or dark green or blue.



The easiest way to set a moody tone at home is through having a moody lighting. Lighting changes the mood of a room more significantly than any other aspect. Ambient lighting is best used to create a warm and attractive lighting scheme throughout the room. It’s also best to have a dimmer switch so you control the lighting anytime. For added effect, you can add strings of twinkle lights or some candles. During daylight, allow just the right amount of natural light through curtains or shutters for shadow play.


Feature Different Pieces

Vintage items such as books, art, and other trinkets will add character to the space. This style is all about mixing just the right amount of vintage and modern vibe. You can also showcase your beautiful collections of quirky ceramic vases and favorite records to add that cozy vibe. Make sure that you display them neatly so the place will still look organized.


Play with Texture

It’s important to work with layers of different textures to achieve this look. Besides, your dark walls and ceilings will be the perfect backdrop for beautiful textures like velvets and wood. You can also add textures through wallpapers like this beautiful crocodile wall paper used in the powder room.


Add Some Pattern

Patterns can create a big impact on your design, especially when used and combined properly. You can go for geometric patterns to add a modern vibe, or stick to plaid and organic prints for that stylish yet homelike atmosphere. Adding patterns is especially useful for renters who cannot paint their walls. You can introduce patterns through rugs, throw pillows, or curtains, too.


Something Interesting

Add something interesting and unexpected in your design. This look doesn’t have to be styled perfectly so it’s okay to mix that vintage vibe with a quirky flair. Try to combine modern furniture with other fixtures that are stylishly “worn out” to achieve the look.

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