Different Ways to Style the End of Your Bed


The bed has always been the main event in the bedroom. But to bring out the best in bedroom style, you shouldn’t forget about what’s at the foot of your bed. Whether you go for a minimal design or a more layered and lived-in space, this area must not be overlooked. It can double as a functional area for storage and even as a lounge area aside from your bed. Here, we have found some amazing design ideas. Have fun!


Play with Patterns

Making a statement at the foot of the bed could be a bit tricky but you’ll never go wrong with playing with colors and patterns. This works best when you have plain, white linen when the pop of color injects some character into the muted room. Make sure to carefully choose the color and pattern, though, as you don’t want them to clash with everything else in your bedroom. If you want it to be the focal point, keep everything else neutral.


Showcase the Things You Love

Make it more personal by adding some things that you love, like books or trinkets from your travels. This will not only add a personal touch but it will also help you feel more at home in your own bedroom. To make it look organized, you can use baskets or trays to separate the items.


Add Storage

One of the many things you need to remember when decorating is to consider the functionality of the furniture. Take advantage of the space at the foot of your bed and add a double-duty piece where you can store items. This is particularly useful for those with smaller layouts. Look for storage ottoman or bench so you have a place to sit and store small items at the same time.


Add a Statement Piece

Everyone is unique and your bedroom is definitely one the best areas to celebrate your uniqueness. Try to look for something to bring a signature style to your room. You can look for quirky benches or something sculptural like this alligator bench. The quirkier and more sculptural, definitely the better. Remember that it should still serve its purpose, though.


Add a Social Element

Benches are usually the most common furniture choice but if you’re not a fan you can try adding a couple of comfy chairs instead. This is useful if you want to break the room for sleeping and lounging. Here, you can also read, have your morning coffee, or catch up on some work without being in bed.


Create Cohesion with Colors

A beautiful color scheme will always make a room look more put together. Instead of making it as an afterthought piece of furniture, choose a bench that matches the colors of the throw pillows, art, or even the wall. This way you can have a cohesive vignette in the room. For balance, choose pieces that will bring a pop of color and keep the rest neutral.


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