Top 6 Tips on How to Have a Perfect Outdoor Lighting

Having a wow-worthy outdoor lighting design may not be on top of your home improvement plans but this is definitely something you should consider. It’s not only good aesthetic-wise but a well-lit home can make you and your family feel more secured, too. Here are some helpful tips on how you can create good exterior lighting effects in your home.


Check What You Have

The first thing that you need to do is to look at your current outdoor lighting setup. Check whether there are enough light sources so you know when and where you need to add additional lighting fixtures. Also check if there are enough outlets. Most homes have provisions for outdoor lighting sources but if you don’t have the basic setup, you may have to hire an electrician to do the job.



Include Layers of Light

A good lighting combines three types of lighting namely ambient, task, and accent. You can achieve ambient lighting through hanging lights and wall lights. This should be complemented by task lighting which includes pathway lights and security lights. Then, add accent outdoor lighting through spotlights or landscape kits to achieve a well-lit outdoor area.



A Good Entrance

How your entrance way looks can determine the overall vibe of your home. It can be welcoming and warm, or unappealing and dull. Make sure yours is well-lit to make a good first impression. Install a wall mounted light on both sides of the door, or just one above it. Flush lights will also add an extra layer of personality to your home.



Choose a Light Fixture that Matches Your Style

Just like everything else in your home, make sure that the lights you choose are in sync with the design you’re going for. Usually, tarnished copper or bronze goes well with different styles but do your research before purchasing one so you’ll have more inspiration. Also remember to match the color of your light to either the color of the wall or the floor to make it more balanced.



Check how it looks from Inside Your Home

Doing this will give you another perspective and can help you decide the kind of lighting fixtures you need for your outdoor space. Look at the entranceway, patio spaces, and the garden area. Making them properly lit will give your home a better view and ambiance at night.



Put Your Landscape Lighting During Night Time

Doing your landscape lighting during daytime will make it harder for you to see how your trees and other elements cast shadows, which is a very important thing to consider when positioning light fixtures. This will also help you avoid the risk of putting a light into a window or door in your home or your neighbor’s. Lights that are shining or reflecting from other surfaces are a form of light pollution and you definitely want to avoid that.

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