Things to Consider Before Converting your Attic into a Useable Room

Homeowners usually consider a garage or basement renovation when they’re planning to add extra space. However, attics have a lot of potential as a unique extra room, too. It can be an additional room where you can hang out other than the living room or an additional bedroom for a growing family. Are you planning to convert your attic soon? Here are some tips to remember:



Attics usually have a steep slope but you shouldn’t see this as a hindrance. Instead, try looking at it as a unique piece of architecture that can enhance the space. Add an extra design element to your ceiling by extending your wall paper or your paint beyond the walls. You can also create a focal point by painting it with an eye catching color.


Welcome the Sunlight

Natural light is important as it easily creates a cheerier and more inviting place, so if you don’t have windows in the space, consider having one installed. Small windows are okay but usually, it’s not enough for the room to reach its fullest potential. Skylights are a popular addition to attic conversions because of their natural fit into the roof line (aside from added headroom, of course).


Cover up the Floors

You may like hardwood floors but it probably won’t work in the attic. It’s more advisable to use carpet because it can help with sound proofing, especially because most attics are above other living spaces. It also makes it easier for you to just throw big floor pillows around for additional seating. If you really want to have hardwood floors, you need to consider adding sub-flooring to keep extra noise out.


Consider the Stairs

Attics are located on the highest level of your house so you will need a reliable means of access. Usually, attics have a ladder installed but these are not meant for regular everyday use. The most common attic conversion stair design is a traditional stair, the one you would typically find with a straight staircase extending out from your attic entrance. You can also opt for spiral stairs if you don’t have enough space below.



Your attic will probably be hotter than the rest of your home so you need to do something to make sure that it will have a comfortable temperature at all times. The easiest way to do it is by installing a ceiling fan as it’ll cut down on the excess heating. Also consider investing in good spray foam insulation for your attic, which can be installed in your floor, walls, or ceiling beneath the roof.


Converting your attic is a great way to add value to your home without building an additional room. Send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to help.