3 Simple Ways to Use Books as Décor

Nothing makes a bookworm happy than the scent of books. Good thing there’s more excuse to surround yourself with them as they aren’t just for reading anymore; your favorite page-turners can do double-duty as part of the décor, too! Books (whether old vintage or contemporary, over-sized or small) add more character to any room. They’re also a relatively inexpensive way to decorate on a large scale.

Here are a few tips on how you can use books to take your space to the next level:


Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves

Are you an art history buff? A world traveler? The simplest way to show off your books is to display your book collection on shelves. It doesn’t only make a great statement but it definitely adds more personality to any space as an accent wall.

Make sure to arrange your books in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, or add some trinkets to add a more personalized vibe. Position some horizontally and other vertically to easily add a designer’s touch. Corner bookshelves are also becoming a thing and it’s a great way to fill in the blanks in your design. Books aren’t just great as décor in your living room, but they can be conversation starters as well.


Use it to add a Pop of Color

Another way to make your books look great on a shelf or even on a coffee table is to color coordinate them. You can arrange them based on colors, from light to dark, or just choose one that you can put somewhere to complement the color palette.

If you want to breakup neutrals for an added pop of color, neon colored books usually do the work without taking away the attention from other objects that are meant to be the focal points. Vibrantly hued books also stand out against a white or taupe wall, while a soothing palette of neutral books can have the same effect against a brightly colored space.


As Pedestals

A stack of books (and even magazines) can make a unique pedestal for decorative items. This is perfect when an object you want to use isn’t tall enough. You can place succulents, flowers, a beloved piece of jewelry or memento.

You can also use books as a (low) base so instead of stacking them, consider splaying them out in a neat grid and layering the rest of your pieces on top. If you want to take it to the next level, ditch the shelves and use layered heights of colorful books to create an interesting collection display.


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