4 Decorating Tips for Couples Moving in Together

Moving in with your partner is a start of something new. If you’ve decided to take the leap, one of the things (among others) that you’re probably worried about is how to mix your styles and tastes when it comes to your new home’s décor. This can be particularly hard especially if you gravitate more toward feminine pieces, while your partner prefers a more streamlined and masculine aesthetic. Don’t fret. Here are some tips to help you:


Choose the Right Color Palette

There’s always a way to overlap in your styles as long as you have one consistent color palette. Decide on which colors you like and just stick to it. A fine balance between soft and dark décor elements actually makes it easier. If a space feels overwhelmingly “manly” or “girly”, try switching certain pieces with more masculine or feminine ones.
For example, if he likes blue and grey tones, you can add softer hues using accessories like pillows, flowers, throws, and other natural elements that can soften darker tones and create a more inviting palette. If your color palette is more feminine like pastels, vibrant pinks, etc., then you can add some masculine textures such as cowhide, leather, or reclaimed wood to balance things out.


Keep it Neutral in the Main Living Areas

Ideally, you should learn to compromise but if you really want to bring some accent colors and your significant other isn’t up for it, it’s best to save bold statements to spaces like your offices, guest rooms, bathrooms, or hallways. This way, the common areas will still be a “common” ground. If you want a pop of color, you can incorporate it in smaller elements. Always remember that you’re trying to create a home that you both love. It’s best to discuss and determine your deal breakers before moving in.


Sort out What You Already Have

Before moving in, find out what items can or should come from each of the previous residences and what items should be purchased new. It’s better to know what you’re working with and what you might want to get rid of. It’s not only having an inventory but this will help you discuss the style and how you envision your place together.
Items with sentimental value definitely add personality and meaning to a home. If it doesn’t go with the overall aesthetic of your new place and it’s hard to part with, try using it in other area that’s not the main living space or somewhere where the piece makes sense.


Consider Getting an Interior Designer as a Mediator

There are times when you just need a professional unbiased opinion and an interior designer will definitely make it easier for you to create a clear vision of what you and your significant other want to achieve. Because they know what they’re doing, blending personalities through interiors will be an easy job.


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