4 of the Most Important Things You Need to Remember When Painting a Wall Black


Black has been a popular choice of color used in interior design and we don’t see why not as it’s definitely stylish. Unlike trendy colors which tend to fall out of fashion, black is something timeless and versatile so it’ll never go out of style with the changing seasons. Think of it as an equivalent of a woman’s Little Black Dress?always chic, and goes with everything.

However, a lot of people shy away from black walls because it can also be an intimidating choice of paint, too. It’s either you love them or hate them. It’s a bold design choice but it isn’t for everyone. But if you’re wondering how to make it work, here are some helpful design tips:


Artful Contrast of Colors, Patterns, and Texture

Remember to choose your furniture and accessories carefully. Black looks best as a background as every other item in the room will look like a piece on display. If you put dark furniture and decorations in a dark room, everything will end up looking dull.

White works perfectly all the time but black is best paired with eye-catching hues like bright yellow, orange, red, or pink to add that vibrant appeal or use cold bright colors like lavender, silver, or azure to add freshness in the accents. You can also mix it with bold patterns and textures to add an unexpected twist. A soft area rug, a patterned throw pillow will do the trick.


All About the Lighting

For a delightful black wall, you’ve got to focus on the lighting elements (both natural and artificial) to compensate with the dark hue. Black absorbs light so picking the right type of lighting for a black wall is important. Try putting an overhead lighting or lamps so it’ll be properly lit, or use track lighting so you can angle the lights to hit the dark spots.

If you want an all-black room, consider getting a dimmer so you can have a bright and cheerful room by day, and a place with a bit more intimate atmosphere at night. Bold light fixtures are also great with black walls such as opulent chandeliers (look for vintage ones as they instantly give a moody vibe) or pendant lights with mini bulbs.


Consider Going All the Way

There’s nothing wrong with going all the way?and not just with the walls. We’re talking about the details and hardware throughout the room such as your light switches and outlet covers. If you buy the standard ones (usually in white), they will definitely standout from your walls in a way that’s not always visually pleasing. You can order one in black or consider having it painted, too.


Skip the Ceiling

Painting a ceiling black can make it look lower and while it’s probably acceptable for places with very high ceilings, smaller rooms can make it look uncomfortably closed. Painting the ceiling white is one way to draw the eye up, and adding a statement lighting fixture will definitely guarantee to have more visual drama in any space.


If you are interested about how to best implement your black wall concepts, send us an e-mail and we can also give ideas of our own.