6 Elements that You Can Incorporate in Your Home Design to Achieve a Modern Rustic Look


The rustic design has been one of the most favored looks of home owners who like bringing in space-age materials into their décor. Which is why modern rustic might sound a difficult style to achieve but really, it’s all about balance. It’s clean, modern aesthetic with texture that highlights the contrast of old and new.

This style is focused on incorporating rustic touches into more minimal spaces, which is a far cry from home décor industrial revolution a few years ago. If done well, it’s actually one of the most enchanting décor trends out there. It doesn’t only give a room all the charm of an old farm house, but it also gives that chic and cool vibe of a penthouse apartment.

The rustic décor is back but it’s probably not the way you remember it so here are some few tips in order to achieve this look.


A Reclaimed Coffee Table

Keep the space bright while adding some rustic textures through live-edge wood. A reclaimed coffee table is perfect as a centerpiece for a minimal living room as it’s a great way to strike balance between modern and polished, and rustic and unfinished.


Exposed Beams

When it comes to modern rustic, you should learn to embrace the idea of unfinished business. Well-worn wood beams can be a stunning architectural detail that will create a rustic vibe by adding a bit of necessary roughness to balance the polished finishes.

Not everyone has wooden beams across the ceiling, though, but it’s always possible to bring in rustic wooden furnishings like using old pallets or wooden fencing. It doesn’t only add a huge impact to your surroundings but it only doesn’t break the bank.


Farm Table

Aside from its laid-back vibe, a rustic farm table also adds a warm tone. Try mixing and matching contemporary chairs or leaning antique mirrors against the wall for that deconstructed, collected vibe. This dining room used transparent chairs to make the dining area look more spacious.


Antique Bed

For the bedroom, go for woods and traditional texture with modern twists. You can use an antique French bed for an added sophisticated vibe and add animal hide rugs and throws to add more texture. If it’s against your personal taste, you can find some fairly convincing faux versions that are also less expensive. Add some sleek sconces for the right amount of rustic-modern tension.


Simple Natural Fabrics

The most common choice for modern rustic décor would be simple fabrics without too much print or drama. Keep your furniture neutral as well as your linens, rugs and upholstery. Cowhides are usually used in this style but you could also pick sheepskin to make the room look cozier.



Any style is quite incomplete without using the correct accessories for the space. Make the room more appealing by adorning it with the right overhead décor. It will add more beauty to the space and accentuate the vibe. Remember, though, that the most important elements of this type of style are simplicity in design and the addition of rustic elements so make sure you balance it.


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