6 Useful Kitchen Design Tips for Designing Your Kitchen

Your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle and accommodate what your family needs. If you’re ready to design your kitchen but you don’t know where to start, here are some simple things you can keep in mind:


Stick to Durable Materials that Need Little Maintenance

Sometimes it’s tempting to have an all-white marble filled space like the ones you see in magazines but while they’re undeniably stunning, it is also porous meaning it can absorb stains and needs maintenance. The same goes with stainless steel as it scratches easily. Make sure to consider materials that suit you and family’s needs. After all, your kitchen is one of the most expensive areas in your home and it’s likely going to be at least a 20-year investment.


Consider the Dimmer

A dimmer always do wonders for any room. For your kitchen area, you can turn it all the way up when you’re prepping the food, or turn it down low to instantly have that dim, sexily-lit dinner vibe. It gives a lovely warm glow in the evening making your kitchen area cozy and intimate. Aside from that, dimmers are a simple and great energy saving choice!


Always Make a Room for Storage

Open shelves can make your kitchen area look not too crammed, but it’s only ideal for beautiful pieces that you want to show off. Remember that you still need a place where you can store unglamorous items. To maximize storage space, you can place pullout drawers next to double ovens and refrigerator.


Garbage Solutions

Sometimes everyone gets too excited designing their dream kitchen that they forget about the nitty gritty daily needs of the space. If you have a small space, you can use the under-sink area for pull out bins but if you have more room, a full-length pull out bin will be perfect. Remember that the best place to keep a bin is somewhere near the sink.


Consider Having Colored Cabinets

Having colored cabinets with mid to deep greys or blue tones is the perfect way to inject a little more personality into your space, especially if you have white walls. You can also create different zones using blocks of white and dark cabinets at opposite ends of the kitchen. Remember that the material you choose can be crucial in the final vibe of your kitchen.


Find a focal point

Pick one area whether it’s your bright kitchen cabinets, beautiful counter-top patterns, fancy floors, or splashy tiles. Then, complement it with a few other quieter, eye-catching details. Just make sure to balance everything and stay within the overall vibe that you’re trying to achieve.


Don’t forget about the floor

When it comes to flooring, always consider ease of maintenance and slip-resistance. Stone floors may need periodic resealing so ask yourself first if you want to deal with that process. Hardwood floors on the other hand are really nice but they wear out faster by the fridge, stove and sink than other areas.

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