7 Gorgeous Accent Wall Ideas for Your Next Home Project

Is it time to give your interior a fresh, new look? There are many ways to transform a space but sometimes it just takes time designing one. Don’t fret, though, there’s one thing that you can do even over the course of the weekend to give a different look to your place: add an accent wall.

It easily helps better define the space and create an extra ordinary look within an ordinary room. You can go from subtle to dramatic but first, check out these tips to begin your project with confidence:


1.  Stripes

When choosing this pattern, just remember that horizontal stripes will make the room look more spacious while vertical stripes make the ceiling look higher. As with color, you can’t go wrong with black and white or white and gray. You can also be more adventurous and try bolder hues; just make sure to stick with your overall color palette so it won’t look out of place.


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Photo – http://bit.ly/2pj3UJu


2.  Bookshelves

If you’re a book lover and has a good collection that you want to showcase beautifully, then this is the perfect accent wall for you. You can try painting the back wall or putting a nice wall art to add more character. Make it look more appealing by adding small displays that can help highlight the vibe of your place.


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Photo – http://bit.ly/2pVxH78


3.  Wood Palettes

You can either sand and whitewash the pallet for a cool, grayish color; mix salvage board and pallet wall; or leave it with its natural color for a warm, rustic vibe. You can also paint some of the blocks for a more artsy look like this one:


Website - http://bit.ly/2o7r4T3

Photo – http://bit.ly/2pG9Adn


4.  Geometric

This can easily transform any room from boring to modern. The mesmerizing focal point can be a bold splash of color with rich tones or something that’s easier on the eyes. Try the soft pink and green color palette. The cool tones paired with a marble wall paper will look effortlessly chic.


Website - bit.ly/2oTkRap

Photo – http://bit.ly/2pGtc44


5.  Dark-on-light or Light-on-dark

A lot of people love this idea—no wonder this is one of the most common designs when deciding for an accent wall. It’s also a good starting point if you’re hesitant to paint all the walls a dark or bright color. For an elegant feel, you can combine it with furniture that has copper or gold touches.


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Photo – http://bit.ly/2o7m7K1


6.  Chalkboard

If you like something that you can change depending on your mood (and you’re good at doodling or calligraphy) then make this your next home project. It’s also great for those who easily get bored with their home design as it gives you the freedom to be creative without the long term commitment that other accent walls require.


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Photo – http://bit.ly/2oukDVo


7.  Art Gallery

Featuring art works in your home instantly makes it cozy and personal. Amp it up by choosing interesting frames and light fixtures to highlight it. If you don’t have paintings to hang on the wall, you can also look for images on the Internet that spark your interest. You can even frame a favorite poem or quote to add more variation.


Website - http://bit.ly/2oYM8dt

Photo – http://bit.ly/2oO8pdy


8.  Wall paper

It’s considerably more expensive than paint but the result is amazing. You can look for big and bold pattern, go modern, retro, or classic. Either way, it can add the right amount of style. Just make sure to choose one that you really like so you don’t have to change often.


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Photo – http://bit.ly/2pj4Kpr


Still can’t seem to decide for the perfect accent wall? Not sure which color combinations or patterns will work for your home? Send us an e-mail!