Amazingly Attractive Décor Ideas to Give your House a Spectacular Entryway

The décor theme that you desire to give your house can range from traditionalist to minimalist, along with bold, subtle, rustic and countless others.  However, it all starts from your entryway, as this crucial location will set the mood of your entire home décor.

Here are some amazing décor inspirations to help you design a spectacular first impression:


Play up the Contrasting

If you want to create a relaxed, warm and inviting entryway, the trick is to play up several patterns and blend in geometric prints with rustic wood, floral décor and a contemporary modern twist with a dramatic splash of bold hues. Pick out bright colored rugs, antique vases and a wooden table played up with rustic detailing.


Mirrored Walls

If you want your entryway to look and feel more open, despite the space congestion, adding a large mirror is the best way to reflect light and make it amazingly inviting. Pick out a large mirror that looks very attractive, and you can play around with several shapes and sizes. Be sure to add a wooden bench, some plants or artificial flowers with lovely vases, and or a nice wooden bureau that can also act as storage for all the last-minute things you need before leaving the house.


All Hail Nature

Antiques, flowers, rocks, vintage décor and all kinds of decorations that highlight the beauty of nature always work splendidly at giving one’s entryway a welcoming and attractive vibe. You can add fairy lights, wicker baskets and exotic floral arrangements to create a spring garden-like arrangement, or perhaps, add a series of shelves with baskets of flowers.


Splash Some Bold Hues

If you seek to give the entryway to your maison a boldly bright and colourfully artsy vibe, add up a series of vibrantly bright artworks and paintings that look immensely attractive. You can always paint up the walls in contrasting bold patterns and hues, and adding up colourful assortments of flowers and plants in bold-hued vases will also work splendidly.


Attractive Lighting

If your entryway has a high ceiling, it calls for a spectacularly eye-catching light fixture, such as a chandelier, patterned lighting or a series of pendant lights perhaps. You can experiment around with countless contemporary and modern lighting arrangements, wooden chandeliers, a series of artsy lamps adorned on several wooden shelves, or DIY lamps made with your own stock of Johnnie Walker bottles.


Touch of Uniqueness

Give your entryway décor a quirky and chic element of surprise that contrasts with your entire décor mood.  The design must be interesting and you need to pick out an iconic accent that really stands out with its modern finish. The trick is to make it stand out against the overall theme, if your décor is mostly wooden and rustic, pick out something contemporary, and if your décor is all modern, pick out a vintage decoration piece to break the monotony.


Word of Inspiration

The entryway is a splendid place to share a quote or a series of quotes that will not only motivate your family, but also share a little about your family values with whosoever walks in through your door. You can pick out quotes related to ‘home sweet home, prayers, blessings, family values or perhaps, create a wooden-engraved board of house rules so everyone understands the norms expected to be followed around your maison without you having to explain it to them.


Experimenting with Patterns

For a boldly edgy and contemporarily stylish vibe, you must pick out a bold patterned wallpaper that gives your entryway a refreshingly welcoming vibe. Now, the wallpaper theme and pattern must compliment the overall décor of your house, and be sure to pick out a colour scheme that compliments the colour palettes you’ve chosen for the adjacent rooms.


Tell a Story

You can use your entryway to convey something more personal and memorable about your family. You know what they say, every wall has a story, so create your own story using lovely family photos, framed quotes, wooden engravings and lots more. It would be the perfect personal touch to involve your guests in your family life as they would enter your house gushing over the beauty of the stories told by your family photos and memorable moments.


Budget-Friendly Décor

Don’t force yourself to buy new décor items when you can always recycle and improve your worn out furniture with a few simple DIY tricks. Recycling old items will not only help you minimize the junk, but it will also help you save more and decorate your house with an original rustic vibe. So, revamp your old lamps, pick out the wooden crates and create a lovely table to put a series of artworks, décor items, pictures and seal the look with floral arrangements and chic vases.

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