The Best Shades If You Want to Go Dark with Your Wall Color

The Best Shades If You Want to Go Dark with Your Wall Color

Choosing the best paint color for a room can be a bit tricky. Before committing, you can try to put paint swatches up on the walls so you know what they look like in every light. Don’t be afraid to choose a dark color though. Using dark colors in any space is a fail-safe way to make it look more intimate and cozy. It’s also a pleasant surprise that will make any space more interesting. Here, check out some color inspirations:


Chocolate Brown

When done right, dark walls can make a small room look larger as dark colors visually recede making it seem like you’re looking at it further away than they really are. This color, complemented with the pattern on the floor, gives the area eye-catching yet unfussy elements. Chocolate brown is also very versatile so you can complement it with different shades like white, copper, or even dark blue.




This color gives a mysterious allure to any space. It’s best used when there’s a source of natural lighting such as a window to help brighten up the place even during daylight. Black is also a perfect color to give your room a modern twist and a great backdrop to feature a beautiful art collection. Complement it with a white ceiling or floor to create good the contrast.


Dark Blue

There are many blues to choose from but you can try Benjamin Moore Stunning, Evening Sky, or Farrow & Ball Hague for a muted yet classy statement. The use of dark colors helps define and anchor specific areas especially when used for an accent wall. To prevent furniture from getting washed out, choose pieces in bold colors like mustard.



Dark Purple

It’s dramatic and very sexy at the same time. It’s also a color that stimulates creativity and gives a pleasant ambiance especially in a bedroom or cozy receiving area. It looks great when paired with copper tones but wood or textured materials also add some character. To soften the look, add some neutral accessories like chairs, lampshades, or side tables.


Deep Green

This color is moody but soothing to the eyes. It’s also easy to match with all wood tones and metallic accents whether you prefer gold, copper, brass, or nickel hardware. Deep greens instantly give an expensive-looking ambiance to any place. Add a plant or flowers with a brighter shade of green to make the space more relaxing!


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