The Biggest Décor Trends for 2017

Following trends can be a bit tricky but the secret to decorating with trends is to choose smaller accents that you can infuse into a décor scheme. This works well especially if you have a space with a neutral base. As for the larger trends (those that require painting an entire wall or renovating a kitchen), mull it over for a few months and see if you still like it. Here are some trends across Instagram and magazines that are officially making it big this year:


Transparent Furniture

Style meets functionality with this trend. It’s the perfect small-space hack because the transparent lines prevent the interruption of the eye, making it look like it blends with everything. You can choose from glass or acrylic furnishings. If you want a subtle pop of color without weighing down the room, you can also try using colored glass pieces. It’s a lovely way to make any space look more spacious while adding more visual interest.


Monochrome Spaces

It’s all about muted pastels in 2017 and you won’t just see this color way used in walls but in furniture and ceilings as well. The key for this trend is simplicity and restrained beauty, investing in lux materials like marble and brass to add an elegant vibe, and a beautiful pattern that will pop if you want to add more character. It looks best when flooded with natural light but if you don’t have enough windows, make sure the area is well-lit.


Hidden Range Hoods

While statement range hoods are still pretty much on trend, many designers nowadays are taking a new “less is more” approach. We’ve seen some designs wherein range hoods are built behind a simple clean and modern gyprock case and it definitely gives the kitchen area a very subdued look.



This new lifestyle philosophy is pronounced “hoo-guh”. The word is said to have no direct translation in English, though “cozy” comes close. Its principle is to create a calm, serene space with soft textures and dim lighting, elements that will make anyone savor a slow way of living with family and friends. Schemes are often purely monochrome with a mix of tonal shades.



It’s the Pantone Color of the Year so it’s no surprise that more people have embraced using plants in their homes as décor. All kinds of indoor plants are in but hanging plants are definitely taking the limelight this year. When choosing one, though, make sure that it fits your lifestyle and the space where you want to put it. For spaces with low light and high humidity like bathrooms, you can check out this list to help you find the perfect plant.


Beige Tones

Some people consider beige as a boring color but beige walls complemented with beige furniture are actually a thing now. Beige, in fact, is a very relaxing color and one that you will never get bored of especially when combined with all shades and tones. Beige tones are on its way to becoming the new gray and make a modern and creative space.


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