Décor Inspirations for your Baby Girl’s Room

Decorating a baby girl’s nest is probably the most enjoyable task that allows a mother to relive her own childhood desires and dreams.
Here, feast your eyes on some infectiously adorable decor inspirations:


House Within a House

Beds have gotten intensely artsy, and you can create a house within a house by turning your baby’s bed into a little house of her own. You can create an entire house-themed space, or you can create a structure of a small house and decorate it with tutu and canopies.


Lots of Pink!

Little girls adore the color pink for it’s their very first stamp of being girly and different from boys. Brim up their room with pink hues, starting from pink walls, furniture, racks, décor items, studded teddies, carpets, cushions, study tables, bed linen and endless assortment of home decor varieties. You can always vary the shades, such as hot pink, blush, rose gold and so on.


Reading Corner

A girl’s room is her natural habitat, and if you want to encourage your baby to read books and create a strong bond with literature, you need to fill up her habitat with books. A reading corner will instill the importance and love of reading in your child. The trick is to make as artsy and inviting as possible. Pick up a comfy mattress, and make it look inviting with a warm comforter, wall stickers, and a lovely princess-themed canopy. Add a couple racks to be filled up with books and educational series that you want your baby to learn from.


Canopy Affairs

Little canopy corners are all the rage in home decor for baby girls, and you can use canopies to add a princess-like vibe to the room. For instance, you can create a small floor-grazing canopy, and add a giant floor cushion with colorful cushions. Or, you can even stack up a few book racks to turn it into a reading corner. Canopies can even be added to the bed, and you can keep the color dark or light, depending on your baby girl’s preference and personality. Be sure to add some glittery stars or Disney princess cut-outs to make it look more girly.


Day Beds

Your baby girl’s room needs as many storage opportunities as it could possibly get for there will always be toys, or books scattered around the room when she’s done playing for the day. And day beds appear to be the hottest trend on the girly decor radar, for they give children the perfect spot to relax, unwind or even nap during the day. And they contain several drawers and racks to tuck in stuff, toys and all other stuff that needs to be put away in order to make the room presentable.


Inspire & Appreciate

Here’s an incredibly amazing wall art inspiration. Hang up colorfully framed and glittery quotes that give them priceless words of wisdom, prayers and appreciation. Make sure that these quotes are a reminder of their values, morals, and of course, the love that you as parents want to reassure them about. So, every time she glances at that quote, she feels more secure and loved by your affection, a very important thing for your baby girl.


Tutu Lovin’

Baby girls love tutu, be it a hot pink tutu skirt or a bright tutu dress, they just can’t get enough of flaunting them. And you can use this dramatic princess-like fabric to create several key pieces that will grab attention. For instance, you can create a tutu table for her to have tea parties with all her dolls and friends. You can even create a bed canopy, or perhaps, tutu curtains, which will give the room a strong personality and strong Disney vibes.


Hammock Swings

If you’re looking for a nice and safe swing for your toddler or pre-schooler, it simply doesn’t get better than a lovely hammock swing. It will be much safer for your baby, the room, the ceiling and the decor, as it can carry the weight without causing any kind of breakage. Fill up the hammock with a nice and fat cushion to make it comfier, and you can even add up stuff toys, blankets and more cushions to make as inviting as possible.


Mirror, Mirror!

Mirrors are extremely essential if you want your baby girl to fall in love with herself and become conscious about her physical features. It will also enhance her learning as she notices her body parts and becomes better acquainted with them. Toddlers are quite fascinated by seeing themselves in front of the mirror, and they could literally spend hours, laughing and playing with themselves. Make the mirrors bright and girly, with colorful frames and plenty of glitter.


Girly Wardrobe

If you want your baby girl to become fashion savvy and confident about her style, remember, it all starts with a wardrobe that she adores and loves spending time in. Give her lots of mannequins, and racks to sort out her day dresses, special dresses, costumes, shoes and accessories.