Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color

Experts can easily choose colors with their impressive innate understanding of how it works. But if you’re in the mood for some paint revamp and you’re still unsure where to start, we’ve gathered some useful tips to help you with your home project. Consider these before you even walk into a paint shop:


Look for Inspiration

Think of colors you’re naturally drawn to. Browse magazines or look for inspirations on the internet and make a mood board for each room. Usually, once you gather about 10-15 photos, you’ll already have a feel of what you’re drawn to. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration everywhere—a flower you love, a tree you like, a dress or anything that inspires you. If you’re only thinking of a quick makeover though, consider the permanent features of your home like if you have a dark stained wood floors or a brick fireplace as it will affect the overall mood once you change the paint.


Steer Clear of Trends

Choose colors that are subtle and timeless, or if you want to go bold then everything else in the room should be neutral so there’s still balance. Remember that neutrals are not just whites, beiges, and greys. There are also shades of black, brown, olive, and blue that look timeless. To be safe, reserve an on-trend color for accent walls unless you’re okay to change the paint once a year


They should Complement Each Other

Consider adjacent rooms as they should have a cohesive palette. Be mindful of other painted areas—not just the walls—like staircase or a statement-making ceiling. Pull together swatches to ensure that the colors do not clash. If you’re using multiple paint colors for one room, determine the boldest color first and select the rest with it in mind as it’s more difficult to find hues that complement bold colors.


Pick the Right Sheen

There’s flat or matte which has no shine at all, and then there’s flat enamel which has almost no shine but a bit easier to clean that matte paint. Both are perfect for low traffic areas as well as ceilings. There’s also the eggshell enamel which has a tiny bit of shine, and satin enamel which has a bit more shine and perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as it’s easy to wipe. The semi-gloss enamel is shiny but not glass-like, perfect for cabinets or in areas with really high moisture. Then, there’s hi-gloss enamel which almost has a glass-like finish.


Be Mindful of the Lighting

Always consider the time of day you tend to use each room. Fluorescent lighting gives a sharp blue tone while incandescent bulbs bring out warm tones and yellows. If there are windows in the area, then the paint will come out true to the swatch during daylight. Before you commit to a color, it’s better to test it with the lights you have in your home.


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