Make a Room Look Brighter

Here’s What You Need to do if you want to make a Room Look Brighter

Bright places make everyone feel good and energized. If there’s an area in your house where it’s a bit dim, don’t worry as there are tricks to make it look brighter. Changing the lighting can make a dramatic difference, as well as adding windows and replacing the flooring. But if you’re just in for a quick makeover, here are some tips to consider:

Trim the trees near your windows

Allow light to reach your windows by making sure any bushes or trees are trimmed regularly. Also try to avoid having trees on the southern side of your home. “In the summer, the sun will be too high for them to provide shade. In the winter, the trees will block from solar warmth,” writes Rikke from Scandinavian Home Staging.

Add lots of mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just great at making any space look bigger; it can help brighten a dark room, too! Hang a large mirror across or near the largest window in your room. The light from the windows will reflect off of the mirror, making the room seem brighter than it really is. This is budget-friendly and probably one of the easiest tricks to naturally increase light in your home.


Choose matte over glossy

When it comes to choosing paint for your walls, it’s better to have a matte finish. This reflects light in every direction while glossy walls can create glare. Matthew Tanteri of day lighting consulting firm Tanteri & Associates said, “Glossy surfaces can actually be a detriment because they can create glare. The safest finishes are matte finishes, because they reflect light in all directions.”

Paint the ceiling white

Give the ceiling a fresh coat. Bright white reflects light instead of absorbing it and the difference is amazing. If you’re not into plain white, you can also experiment with cream, mint, or the right shade of yellow. Also be mindful of dark wooden beams as it can also contribute to the darkness of the room.



Change up your dark furniture

Anything dark like a floor-to-ceiling wooden bookshelf or a large wooden bed can make your room look dark. Brighten things up by choosing furniture pieces with lighter wood or paint existing furniture with a light color. Remove furniture that look too heavy and opt for pieces that allows you to move around.

Transform the whole look of the place

If everything fails, you can go dark and make it as cozy as possible. Go with the room’s natural feel and paint it a deep color. Add rich and heavy decorations to achieve an old-fashioned parlor look. Slate blue, charcoal, and even dark greens are popular choices for rooms that are meant to have a stately feel. Remember to put proper lighting so the place will still look nice.