Simple Tricks to Make Your Home Feel like a Luxury Hotel

Simple Tricks to Make Your Home Feel like a Luxury Hotel

A good vacation always includes enjoying a cozy, beautiful home away from home. However, it always comes with a hefty price tag. How about transforming your home to something that looks like you’re having a vacation every day? You probably won’t have a million dollar view or a personal butler to serve you hand and foot but at least you’ll always feel like you’re having a getaway. Here are some tips for getting that luxe vacation vibe in your own humble abode.


Have a Lavish Bedroom

If you’re going for the luxe hotel style, the centerpiece of the room should be the bed. It must be well-designed and with matching bedding, pillows, and curtains. You’ll also never go wrong with a plush headboard complemented with two side lamps. For added luxe factor, add a quaint desk and cozy chairs where you can relax aside from your bed. Fabrics in muted tones as well as sophisticated wood and granite instantly bring a touch of class. Cream and brown always look timeless, but you can try and play with a sleek combination of urban woods and matte blacks.



Create a Spa-like Bathroom

Your bathroom should be equally posh like your bedroom. Some elements you’d want to add are glass-enclosed walk-in shower, a nice shower head, large mirrors lit by glitzy wall sconces, and lavish soaps and scents. Towels should also be plush and made of high-quality cotton. If it’s beyond your budget, a hotel-like bathroom can easily be achieved with some scented candles, beautiful shower curtain, and a few plush towels. For added mood, make sure you use lights that you can dim so you can enjoy your bath and pretend you’re in a spa.



Beautiful Lighting

Hotels are always well-lit—be it with chandeliers, side lamps, art lights, or mood lighting. Begin with the overhead lights in your home and consider changing it if it’s already outdated. If you can, it’s also best to install a dimmer for your overhead lights because it’s the key to mood lighting. Wall sconces and lights over your artwork also add a nice hint of glamour in any space.



Add Flowers and Greenery

 There’s something about aromatic flower arrangements that make a room elegant. Aside from the aesthetic, it also has something to do with the scent. It requires work to maintain a home with fresh-cut floral bouquets but you can add a house plant and still achieve this look. Orchids look gorgeous while a large palm plant really looks nice when placed in an elegant chinoiserie-syle urn. If not having a green thumb is your problem, try to add other natural elements like a bowl with river stones or a vase with spindly twigs.



Have a Luxe Entry Way

The first and last thing you’ll see in a house is the entry way so make sure to always leave an impression. For a hotel-like vibe, add flowers, beautiful artwork, glitzy mirrors, and even well-arranged seating areas if possible. Put something that will set the tone to the rest of the home’s style like a centerpiece or a pretty lamp. If you can manage to put a table, wood, shiny lacquer, or marble looks elegant. A plump chair where your guests can sit when they take off their shoes is also a great addition.


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