Spectacular Décor Inspirations to Turn your Living Room into a Homely and Warm Abode

A living room is the most homely place in the house, where the family sits, laughs, and enjoys each other’s company to make every day special. We’ve picked out several amazing décor inspirations to make your living room into a warm, cozy and extraordinary abode.
Here, feast your eyes:


Grey & Neutrals

If you wish to create a monotone or neutral-toned living room, pick out hues like black, silver, grey, greyish-blue and white. You can always play up some modern contrasts with stripes and geometric prints as it will cast a playful effect over the neutral monotony of your color palette. Pick out a subdued shade for the carpeting, and the sofas and décor items must be a shade darker than the paint on your walls. You can play up bolder hues with your curtains, sofa cushions and coffee tables.


Rustic Appeal

For a wild and rustic appeal, install lots of rusted wooden shelves, bureaus and cupboards, and pick out arm chairs and sofas with rustic wooden accents. You can always take a DIY budget-friendly approach as the rustic wooden appeal only requires you to revamp and recycle all your old wooden furniture. With a few bangs of your hammer, you can fix your old wooden cartons, shelves and cupboards into exciting décor items, coffee tables, lamp fixtures, antique frames, storage shelves and racks.


Gold Accents

If you want to give your living room a high luxe appeal and contemporary modern finish, pick out lots of décor items that have gold accents, trimmings and designs. For instance, you can install wooden shelves with gold polish or gold-painted iron rod. You can pick out glass tables with gold accents, or perhaps, gold lamps.


Graphic Frames

You can give your living room a strong personality by adding in some inspirational quotes or graphic art frames and hanging them in large attention-grabbing frames. Be sure to keep these quotes and their graphics in line with the color palette of your living room décor.
If the color palette is subdued and neutral, choose to play down the graphics and use quotes written against plain white backgrounds.
But if your color palette is bohemian, wild and colorful, you can use lots of colorful graphics, photos and quotes to add up more boldness to the décor.


Photography Walls

If you adore taking pictures of your family and hanging it everywhere around the house, your living room certainly deserves an entire wall dedicated to your family memories. Pick out a wall that you want to fill up with pictures, and create an artful arrangement of your personal images, with quotes and wooden wall hangings. It’s the perfect trick to make your living room a homely and personal space adored by both, family members and guests alike.


Wooden Wall Hangings

DIY wooden wall hangings are all the rage, and all its takes is a few clicks on Pinterest to understand how to make these beauties without selling off an arm and a leg to acquire expensive décor items. They exude a minimalist rustic appeal that borders on bohemian style and exudes a very homely appeal.
You can use wooden pieces and racks to cut out various alphabets, prayers, sayings and quotes. You can create exquisite wooden frames, key-shaped hangings, and of course, arrow shaped wooden logs, which are now trending hot on the home décor radar.


Angelic White Fur

For a modern high luxe appeal, give your living room an angelic white chicness, with a few strategically placed white fur items. For instance, you can pick out furry white pillows, sofa rugs, pull-covers, carpets, stools, sofa covers and lots more. These white furry décor items will give your living room a classic high luxe appeal, but make sure you don’t go over the top with or your living room will end up looking extravagant!


Artful Vibes

The best way to make your living room extraordinarily unique is to give an intensely artsy vibe with several artifacts and unusual specimens of modern art strategically placed at key locations. For instance, you can pick out an exotic antique candelabra, a geometric delight of a chandelier or multiple drop-low chandeliers, and attention-grabbing paintings, or photographs perhaps.


Boho Chic

If you’re a true-at-heart bohemian, give your living room an au natural vibe with earthly wooden coffee tables, embroidered or tasseled cushions and rugs, minimalist floral patterns, greenery and plants, and minimalist wooden furniture. Keep the color palette subdued and natural.


Bright & Colorful

If you’re always in a sunny statement of mind, while not incorporate that surge of positivity and brim up your living room with bright, bold and colorful hues. You need to pick out hues like reds, purples, pinks, orange, blues, yellows and all other colors that strike your fancy. Pick out base colors like blue, purple and pink for your sofas, carpets and rugs, and play up striking combinations with your cushions, artifacts, embroideries, frames, wall hangings and décor items.