Styling Tips to Emphasize Your White Interiors



There’s a lot of advantages when going for an all-white look. It can make a smaller space feel large, make a dark room look bright, and basically make any room feel open and airy. However, if not done right, it can also feel bland and unfinished. Here are some tips to help you have a chic and elegant white interior:


Add a Bit of Color

A white-washed room is all about keeping things simple and clean but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up all color. You can sprinkle in a few pops of color to give a white room a stunning effect (like hanging neon pendant lights or choosing a small furniture like chairs in bold colors). You’ll never go wrong with putting an indoor plant, too. It doesn’t only give a beautiful pop of green but it can also help any space look more welcoming and airy. Plants give a lively feel without being overwhelming.


Add an Artwork

Let an artwork shine and show off your beloved piece. White walls create a blank canvass and it’s perfect regardless of the color of the masterpiece. You can also blow up photographs or even travel maps to add more personality to your room. This bedroom with a beautiful flower painting even made it better with matching beddings which made the artwork look like it’s blending with everything else.


Add a Bold Pattern

If you want an all-white room, consider adding a distinctive pattern to give a space a little more punch. The easiest way to do it is choosing a bold patterned rug but if you’re ready for a long-term commitment when it comes to design, you can try a graphic design in flooring, backsplash, or shelves.


Pick the Right Shade of White

White comes in hundreds of shades and before you decide, make sure to pay particular attention to the light. Rooms with access to a lot of natural light will give off a warm tone so pick a cool shade of white with a blue or grey base to balance the tone. Rooms that are artificially lit are best with warmer, beige or cream tinted whites.


Pick the Right Furniture

Warm rustic wood always works well with a neutral living room. Complement your white walls and incorporate rattan and reclaimed wood to give it a more welcoming and cozy feel. You can also use bright colored furniture if you want it to be the focal point but make sure it won’t be too overwhelming.


Add Texture

Avoid having a monotonous feel by adding textures. Break up a white room by adding a cozy rug, textured side chair, or even a brick wall. Look for throw pillows or blankets with interesting textures to give an all-white room an eye-catching element.


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