Things You Need to Remember When Using an Area Rug

Things You Need to Remember When Using an Area Rug

An area rug has two main purpose: to define a space and to enhance your décor. Using an area rug is a way of saying “this group of furniture belongs together”. In a multipurpose room, area rugs help you divide different functional areas, like the living and dining area. The size also matters as it helps define a space—the larger it is, the larger the room feels like. While some of these rules are meant to be broken, here are some things you should consider especially when you don’t know where to start:



Extend it under all the key pieces of furniture

For your dining room, the rug has to be big enough that when the chairs are pulled out from the table, they are still on the rug. In the living room, all of the furniture should be on top. If it’s not possible, at least the front legs of main upholstered pieces are on the rug. The smaller pieces’ legs should all be on the rug though. In your bedroom, ensure your rug sits underneath your bedside tables, or begins just after them. You need a large enough area rug to step down onto it, when you get out of bed.

You can also use an area rug in your porch, patio, or lanai. It adds a splash of color and instantly makes it cozier. Consider the furnishings first and then position the rug accordingly. Accentuate the dimensions of the space by using a large rug.

Play with colors and patterns

Area rugs easily add a creative vibe to any space. It injects playfulness so don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns as long as it complements the overall color palette and design of your home. There are a lot of inexpensive options too so you can easily change it after a couple of years.

If you’re using a patterned rug, though, always check what areas of the rug will be blocked by your furniture. It’s safe to choose one with repetitive patterns so it’s consistent no matter what. For larger designs, it works best with an airy and more delicate frame.

Consider the foot traffic

It’s always best to not put an expensive area rug where there are likely to be spills as it can be difficult to remove the stains. To be safe, always check the cleaning instructions before you buy. There are natural fiber rugs that are not pricey but cleaning is an issue so the chance of disposing or replacing them is higher. For dining rooms, especially if you have a formal one that you only use for special occasions, you can use a flat rug like a kilim or dhurrie.



Pick your seating before your rug

Choose a sofa or chairs first before you look for rugs. It has something to do with choosing the appropriate size, color and design of the rugs. After all, it’s definitely easier to look for the perfect rugs than choosing sofas and chairs that fit within your budget and space.


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