Treat Yourself to a Series of Intensely Rich Bohemian Décor Inspirations

Bohemian living spaces are all about bright colors, rich textures, Moroccan influence, tribal prints, ethnic vibes, and bold gypsy traits. The key is to keep minimalism at the centre of all your décor plans, and seek items that bring comfort and luxury in the most natural sense of the word.
Feast your eyes on some splendid inspirations for your Boho chic abode:


Moroccan Accents

Moroccan themed fabrics, colors, lighting fixtures, furniture, decor items, rugs, pillow cases, sofas and anything possible imaginable. The idea is to either turn the either room into a Moroccan themed abode, or you can give a neutral-toned room a bold Moroccan touch with fabrics, curtains, or sofa covers perhaps.
You can work this up in your bedroom with plenty of candles and colorful Moroccan lights, the living room with its vibrant color palette and Moroccan rugs, or you can create a Moroccan themed outdoor environment on your balcony or terrace.


Eclectic & Outdoorsy

Bohemian decor always thrives on open, artistic and outdoor spaces, featuring tribal color palettes, exotic fabrics and a strong gypsy vibe. Give it deep tones of the au natural with lots of green plants, flower bushes and various plant-species. You can start a terrace garden, or create this eclectic outdoor space in your garden. Brim it up with strategically well-placed artifacts, flower pots, carpet, exotically printed cushions, rugs, Ottoman chairs, settees and all other furniture items that you’d like to add up in your comfort zone.


Minimalist Deco

Bohemian living is very close to nature and cannot allow the corruption of high-luxe furniture and heavy fixtures. The idea is to minimize your need for furniture that takes up all the space, and fill your room with items that add up to your comfort. For instance, instead of beds, thin wooden posts with luxuriously comfy mattresses and a large wooden bed-post have become all the rage. Instead of side tables, you can keep wooden logs, and instead of furry sofas and large dining tables, invest in rustic wooden furniture and minimalist designs.


Notes on Cane

Cane furniture and decor items play an instrumental role in bohemian living spaces as they set the rustic tone and allow a wholesome au natural lifestyle. These lovely and intricate bamboo cane delights are always budget friendly, they don’t take up much safe, and they create a very natural and Boho chic vibe when place in outdoor spaces, like the garden or the balcony. You can even do your entire lounge or corridors with bamboo shelves, coffee tables, sofas, and lots more.


Rich Hues & Textures

Bring out the gypsy colors and give your house an intensely bold assortment of rich hues and textures, such as animal prints, feisty reds, orange, embroideries, energetic blues, ottoman rugs, Persian carpets, bright tribal prints, ethnic fabrics, tassels, fringes-basically everything that strikes a boldly bright note. Pick out bright and colorful sofa or floor cushions, energetic and bold bed covers, and bright hued curtains and so on.


An Extension of Yourself

Your boheme residence must be an extension of your personal life, and it must allow your guests, visitors and friends a mirror to glance into your tastes, interests, memories and passions. Bring out your inner gardener and fill your abode with greenery, dedicate large walls to your pictures and memories, and hang up all the art pieces, paintings, artefacts and décor items that you are passionately in love with.


Artsy Vibes

An appreciation for art is a crucial element amongst bohemian home decor trends, and if you truly have a passion for art and exotic artifacts, it must reflect in your decor. You can brim up your walls with paintings, which don’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg as you can get print-outs and hang them up in decent frames.
Pick out any form of art that holds a special place in your art, be it graphic, comic, modern, impressionist or any other form. The idea is to beautify your home with artifacts and objects that have a rich history instead of a big price tag.


An Abundance of Plants

Here’s one extremely essential Boho decor rule: There is simply no way your house can ever have enough greenery or plants, because the more the merrier. From your stairs, kitchen, living room and corridors, to your garden, balcony, rooms and every other nook and cranny in the house, brim them all up with plants. Pick out species like money plants, vines and cactus for your indoor plants, as they require little care and tend to have longer lives, while you can get as creative as you want with your outdoor spaces.


Play up the Lights

Light up your living space, bedroom, balcony or whichever area you desire with a series of exotic lights. You can create an arrangement of scented candles, Moroccan lights, Turkish lamps, fairy lights and lots more.

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